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A bit about me

Hello and welcome to becoming a Journal Keeper.

I am Elizabeth and I have been journaling in different forms since I was a teenager.  Always a lover of beautiful stationery,  note books, calligraphy pens and coloured pens!  I kept the typical teenage diaries when I was a teenager with a little lock and key and as I became an adult they evolved into beautiful note books.   In my late 20s I wrote the first journal I was to keep forever,  A pregnancy journal.  That is where my journaling really started.  Over the years my journaling has changed and adapted to suit me.  I have kept journals about specific topics, Meditation, Yoga, Pregnancy, menopause, Family History, and just general everyday life journals. I have journaled about losing my parents and other heartache I have experienced.    I have a lot of experience in digital journaling, paper journaling and what do with old journals!   I love the whole experience of journaling, however it is something that I never really spoke about until I started my Menopause Yoga training.   During the women's circles I hear how they struggle with journaling, how they like the idea of journaling, but feel vulnerable, and I hear stories on how the journaling helps.  The course has been created to help everyone who would like to start a journal, for whatever reason and the course will hopefully answer all of your questions and a few you never thought of too!  I look forward to helping you start your Journey to becoming a Journal Keeper.

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